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About Us

"The finest people in the world come through that door"-- that's what you'll hear when you step inside Deal's Famous Oyster House. Southern hospitality and service at its finest,  along with the best and freshest seafood in town. 

Established in 1961 by Roy and Rachel Deal, Deal's has grown to become one of the most well- known food establishments in the North Florida area.   People travel from all over the United States to enjoy our fresh oysters on the half shell, gulf shrimp, bay scallops, blue crab claws, fish, steaks, chicken and more. 

Owned and operated by Zodie Horton since 2009. Zodie worked as a waitress for Mr. and Mrs. Deal from 1982 until 1996 when she left to have her family. She came back and purchased the restaurant in January of 2009 and reopened for business on March 5, 2009. Bringing all the original recipes and traditions plus adding some touches of her own, Zodie brought back the reputation of being a great family atmosphere,  serving the finest people in the world some of the most mouth- watering, finger-lickin, jaw-smacking, food in North Florida. 

Now,  don't get us wrong, people come from all over for the great food but there's more... entertainment! Not just any entertainment,  but the Deal's famous "pogo stick". That's right, you read it correctly. Upon request or if they know you've never seen it played before two things will happen... the music is turned up and the pogo stick comes out and the show begins. You'll find Zodie herself or perhaps her waitresses playing the one man band and tambourines clanging from all the kids in the restaurant.  A great time to be had. If you've been here,  come again soon. If you haven't been here,  what are you waiting for?

We invite you all to come join us at 2571 W. US 98 in Perry, Florida. Just a hop,  skip and a jump to your new favorite place to eat!  

If you come see us on Sunday or Monday,  you will miss us because we're closed. But come Tuesday through Saturday between 11am and 9pm, you'll be in great company because you know that only the finest people in the world come through our doors!